Vision & Mission


The only mission is to strive ahead to provide leadership in teaching, research and extension services in the field of science, Management, Technology law Commerce and education. The college has identified several short terms and long term goals in teaching. Research and extension activities with view to realize the mission statement. The college is guided by a Board of Management, which works under the Shri Girraj Maharaj educational and charitable society, Mathura, is the policy making body.


The Vision of the Institution I based on innovative learning methodologies, constant improvement, cultivation of practical skills and an unwavering of practical to academic quality. We have created a curriculum which is enriching and challenging by its diversity where students learn to related and junction in new ways at the Shri Girraj Maharaj Group. We believe that education is an integrative process that is neither defined by rigid Functional areas nor bound by norms of pass behavior.

We want our students to understand in teams of whole systems rather than many programme. We want them to enquire a holistic which when coupled with inner merit, will transform them into leaders with vision, a deep sense of ethics and social responsibility.